Galway Crystal Renmore Wooded Boxed Whiskey Gift Set


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The Renmore wooden boxed whiskey gift set is the ultimate gift set for any whiskey enthusiast. All whiskey lovers will feel like they are the classiest whiskey drinker around with our stunning set. They will have everything they could ever need to enhance and experience the flavour of their whiskey.  The whiskey set is an ideal gift for any occasion.

Gift set contains

Wooden Box: 21cm x 26cm x 12cm

2 x slate coasters: 10cm diameter

8 x White/Grey Granite Cooling Stones

1 x Stainless Steel Tongs: 13cm x 3cm x 1.5cm

Wooden Stone Holder: 6cm x 11.5cm x 2cm

2 x Renmore Whiskey Glasses

Galway Crystal whiskey stones are a novel way of cooling your favourite drinks, and pair perfectly with the Renmore Whiskey glasses.

Whiskey stones can be used to cool your whiskey, liqueur etc. without diluting the drink.

  • Place whiskey stones in the holder provided
  • Place the holder and stones into the freezer. Leave for minimum 1 – 2 hrs.
  • Use the cold stones to chill, whiskey, liqueur etc. (not suitable for large volumes of drink
  • To wash stones, please wash by hand. Not suitable for the dishwasher.



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